How to Clear Facebook Cache On iPhone 2023 ?

how to clear the cache on the facebook app on iPhone

The Facebook app collects unnecessary cache data that slows your iPhone like a turtle. Clearing your device’s cache is a simple but necessary step to maintain privacy and performance. I will tell you how to remove the Facebook cache from iPhones and iPads in this article. The following steps will guide you.

How to clear the cache on the Facebook app on iPhone?

  1. Get the Facebook app for your iPhone and launch it.

  2. You can change your settings by tapping on the Menu icon, scrolling down, and choosing Settings & Privacy.

  3. In the Permissions section, choose Browser.

  4. Your browsing data can be cleared by tapping the Clear button.

Remove the Facebook app from your device and reinstall it to clear the cache

  1. You can find the Settings app in the iPhone’s App Store.

  2. You can access your Facebook account by tapping General → iPhone Storage → Facebook.

  3. To confirm the deletion, select Delete App and tap Delete App.

  4. The App Store can be accessed by returning to your iPhone’s home screen.

  5. You will need to reinstall the app after typing Facebook into the search bar.

The Facebook app can be deleted by pressing and holding it on the Home Screen of your iPhone, then tapping Remove App, then Delete App.

The Facebook app can be uninstalled from the App Library by tapping and holding the icon and selecting Delete App.

How to clear the Facebook cache on iPhone 11?

On your iPhone, you can check Facebook cache data, but you cannot clear it individually. If you want to use Facebook again, you must reinstall the app. The first thing we need to do before we can show you how to reinstall Facebook on your iPhone is to check the Facebook cache that has been collected. That way, you have a rough idea of how much space you can free up after clearing the Facebook cache.

Step 1: Access your iPhone’s settings by opening the Settings app.

Step 2: Select General from the menu.

Step-3  Select iPhone storage.

Step-4  Scroll to Facebook and check the documents & data (cache) storage option.

Two options are available to you.

Offload App: It simply removes the app from the iPhone without affecting its collected documents & data (cache).

When you reinstall Facebook, you are back at square one.

The app and all related data will be deleted from the iPhone after you press the Delete App button.

Step-5 The fifth step is to select the Delete App option and confirm your choice.

Step 6 Select Delete App to confirm your decision to delete the app.

Step- 7  The App Store can be accessed from the home screen.

Step-8 Reinstall the Facebook app by searching for it and installing it again.

All you have to do is open Facebook and log in with your account details. To free up internal storage on an iPhone, you can use the same trick for any iOS app.

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